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:hello: Good morning all


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Good morning. We were promised heavy snow, it's heaving with rain at the moment.

Unusually I've had a great night's sleep on the right side of the bed, facing the window in a NE/SW axis. 😄

I've an appointment with my dentist to have the lost filling replaced. Very impressed. I rang yesterday for triage, ten minutes later a dentist phoned for discussion about the tooth, Covid-19 risks etc. I was then put through to a young woman who explained the protection procedures. I have to phone them as I'm leaving home, call again when I park up and they will phone me back when I'm allowed to enter the building.

It's a day out.........
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Could be just one of the local natives Mo. :laugh:
Maybe a Haggis! :laugh:

I googled Beaver, Otter and Badger but doesn't quite match.
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