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I've only ever been to IKEA once, and that was about 35 years ago when they opened the one Wednesbury. Only went coz they were doing a free lunch. The meatballs were OK though. :laugh:


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G'day folks... Another cold morning, winter draws on!

Highlight of the day is a trip to the recycling centre (skip) this afternoon.

I've bought a couple of things from Ikea recently, click and collect where you park in a designated area and they bring it out to you. Result, you don't have to go in! :wahhey:


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Hello, beautiful clear sky and sunshine, frost still on the ground. Absolutely terrible sleep, been awake since around 2.15 but grabbed an hour about 6.00am. Feel like shite. :sad:

Mrs P has announced the planned trip to IKEA is cancelled. A small mercy. This news is providing just enough motivation to start doing something.
Try not to be too disappointed ;)

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Just had a walk along the sea via the golf coarse, got over this hill when i was slightly perturbed to see a golf cart/caddy thing happily trundling along all on its own :ohmy: maybe it was the ghost of a long dead golfer....or maybe a the machines have become self aware and are rising up eek! :wacko: nope, a couple hundred ft to my left the operator of this spooky device appeared, presumably with a remote in his there nothing now which doesnt have a battery! :laugh:


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-3 C with a 25 mph wind. Not too great for biking or a stroll. Today is Thanksgiving and gorging and drinking and watching football is what most people do. It will warm up to 7C, though. All that is left to cook today are green beans, mashed taters and the turkey. Not too bad. I will be allowed to prepare the beans, peel boil and mash the taters and pretty much cook the turkey so Mrs 12 will have an easier day.
BTW, the engine swap on my rototiller worked really well. The new 212cc Predator motor is considerably more gutsy than the old one was. I was googling the motor to determine what some bolt sizes were and apparently gokarters turbo chatge these motors to get 20 hp. I cannot imagine they last too long with that output.
Well, be safe and well. I fear in a few hours I will be semicomatose and groaning as I massage my distended abdomen.


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I've had a bit of a moment. I needed to post two parcels to the same address. I needed a large grey envelope of the sort sold in post offices.

Our local post office is in the newsagent and run by a very nice Indian lady - this is important.

I approached the counter:

"Please could I have one of those large grey elephants"

"You've come to the right shop"

We both disolved in to howls of laughter to the consternation of the next person to walk through the door..........who is a friend!
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