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Apologies. I do feel I've had a bit of a shite time the last few weeks but I am very aware others face much real challenges every day. I shouldn't have complained. It's like pain. My brain haemorrhage showed me what pain is and I haven't complained about something being painful since and won't - unless there's a next time. :laugh: To whinge about a few shite weeks and feeling tired after a ride was wrong of me.
I don't think anyone took it as a whinge. It was how you are feeling on a day. Is that not what the forum is about? Take care.


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Might be cheaper, but what would it look like on top of your head?


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A bright and frosty good morning to you all. Well it will be bright later. Today's major task will be to connect my laptop to the TV so we can watch Cardiff v Rovers. Yes, I know it should be simple but hasn't proved to be the case in the past. For reasons I don't understand when EFL clubs live stream a game it can only be watched on a device with no option to Chromecast or similar.................................and can I get my TV set as a second laptop screen? NO!

That aside it's odds and sods for the day. Today's earworm is...................and I can remember all the words

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Morning all :hello:

Usual stuff to do today.
We've decided to leave it until March before we venture out in the caravan again. We usually go away every month of the year, so it feels a bit odd being at home at the moment.
Still, it gives us time to sort some things out - car's bodywork repair and servicing, caravan valeting, garage clearout etc. We are also waiting on my dad's house sale, which is apparently going through OK. Once the money's in the bank we can start to make some serious plans about our options. Feel lime we're in limbo at the moment.

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:hello: Good morning all, dark cold and frosty as its been for a while now, when I defrosted the car yesterday before going shopping there was ice both outside and inside the car. I came downstairs about 7 this morning and my Good lady was already awake, my first job was helping her with the commode, after emptying it I then got us breakfast, now we're waiting for the carer.
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