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Does anyone know of a mapping tool or webstite that lists them?
Quick google gave this for East Anglia


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When I was a kid there used to be a road called Woodsetts Rd, well it still is called Woodsetts Rd, but everybody knew it as Tank Lane for obvious reasons, it had a tank very similar to the one @numbnuts posted went past the other day & it's been replaced with a house, no idea when that happened.

If you really wanted to be impressive you could always buy your own
There's a nice 'Tulip' at Ackworth, with the added bonus of the Plague Stone 'preserved' at the top of SandyGate

It's at the side of the A628, Pontefract - Barnsley road


The field at the side of it is known as the 'Showground', & such notable events as the 'Scammell Gathering', 'Ackworth Steam Fair' take place there
So does the start & finish of Ackworth Half-Marathon

22d.JPG 22e.JPG


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And one for pylons.
Yeah but the cream works well on those


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Not wanting to be a spoil-sport, but, there is already a similar thread here , but, I will just get value for peddling, by posting my pictures in both ;)

Locally, there is a landmark, known as "Cleadon Water Tower", so, myself and Mts @BoldonLad peddled along there this morning.



Actually, I may be able to triple my effort, by posting one in the "in front of a gate" thread to.

Although, as I said, the structure is referred to as Cleadon Water Tower, I think, having resorted to the all knowing Google, it perhaps should be more properly referred to as Cleadon Pumping Station Chimney? So, @Drago , your thread has, if nothing else, spurred me to enquire about a structure which I see most days, without thinking about it!

See here and here for more information.
Lady Bolles Water Tower
It's now a 'conservation village', east of Wakefield (almost every house there is listed/'of interest')

A privately financed structure, dating to the early 1600's
It once pumped water, though pipework, to Old Heath Hall (demolished)
The remnants of the machinery remains in the bottom

Different dates for these two external images, hence the quality



And not too far away, this one was purported to supply water to Nostell Priory in the old estates form
In the second paragraph, a well-head at Ryhill is mentioned (dated 1505), this still exists but is on private land (Dame Bolles is accessible)
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