The Worst Band You've Seen Live


As an antidote to the other thread.

Van Morrison - Leicester DeMontfort Hall Early '90s. Mumbled his was through a few songs, took half an hour break mid way, then as an encore he murdered Brown Eyed Girl, then buggered off


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Antiflag. shoot punk, teenage politics and megaphones. They were beyond irritating, we left after a couple of songs and returned for the main act.


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The Who, NEC about 1988. Big cavernous venue, bunch of old guys playing boring music (yeah- I've got live at Leeds- it wasn't like that), expensive beer.

Free ticket, my fault- should've turned it down.

Primal Scream

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Soft Machine circa 1971, One song which lasted two hours containing lots of self indulgent musical noodling.

Arctic Monkeys at V very poor sound and quite boring, probaly an age thing.


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Van Morrison; Bridgewater Hall, Manchester 2004. What a curmudgeonly auld grumpy-bollox that festering pile of misery is. On stage at 7.30 exactly and off at 9 with no encores and if anyone DARED shout out their appreciation of him between songs, the look he gave suggested their shout of 'We love you Van' he'd heard as 'you filthy sex-fiend'.


REM in Birmingham. Did hardly any of the popular stuff and loads of songs i didn't recognise. Was back in 2000 I think?
Inner City Unit - saw them in Derby and they were shite. I got persuaded to see them again in Long Eaton, and they were still shite.

There is no conceivable reason for that band to have existed, let along go on tour!
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