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Discussion in 'Folding Bikes' started by swansonj, 22 Dec 2017.

  1. mjr

    mjr Comfy armchair to one person & a plank to the next

    I don't see why the train would be held up by a bike locked to a rack. You'd miss your stop but it's only you that you'd inconvenience, except for those stupid companies which use racks where later arrivals block earlier bikes (Greater Anglia Ely-Ipswich) but they cause holdups without locks anyway.
  2. theclaud

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    Guard's van and luggage racks are different prospects, though. In the guard's van, your non-foldy bike can have a lock securing the wheel to the frame (without locking it to the train), which should be a reasonably effective deterrent, because the thief is not going to want to attract attention to himself in a station by having to carry a bike on his shoulder. If you can't find your key you can just lift the bike off and panic on the platform, and it doesn't matter if you draw a small puzzled crowd. Not much use locking a Brompton to itself in a luggage rack by the door, though, as it doesn't look any more odd carrying someone else's Brompton off the train than your own.
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  3. theclaud

    theclaud It's teeceegawnmaaaad

    Anyway, the wider point is that it's a shame, although (as Adrian implies) an entirely predictable outcome of the political structure of the railways, that the response of TOCs to increased demand for integrated bike-rail transport is to discourage and obstruct people who wish to travel with a bicycle, and to provoke conflict between users, rather than changing the way they operate to accommodate a benign and socially desirable development.
  4. mjr

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    I rarely use a train with a guard's van. I was thinking more of the in-carriage racks. Guard's vans are more secure anyway so a lock to itself as @theclaud suggests seems like it would be enough, plus you can then futz with keys and bags on the platform at your leisure.

    Good: anyone whose bike gets nicked while unlocked because of their stupid rules should claim the money back off them and give them a load of bother.
  5. GrumpyGregry

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    ime, yes, twice, with GWR, and then you get an "Oi, mate!" bollocking off the platform staff at the next stop.
  6. bonker

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    In my area you don't have the option of being very far from your Brompton. Certainly no chance of a rack for the bike and a seat for the rider.
    The whole original story sounds fishy, who goes to the trouble of nicking a Brompton then abandons it?
  7. MiK1138

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    D lock through the back wheel = stress free train journey
  8. An opportunist "amateur", who sees a bike he can take while the owner is distracted. He finds it's hot, being written up in the local press, and realises his friends will be suspicious if he rides it, and if he puts it on gumtree, a thousand junior detectives will be ringing the police to let them know.

    I would have no idea how to dispose of such a bike, except abandoning it.
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