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Sorry to read this @roadrash :hugs:


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Weii at 6.15 police knock on my door and tell me my car has been found with false plates on , crashed on the m6 somewhere near Lancaster, they only came here as a letter with this address had been found in the car, they had no idea I had reported it stolen, all they could tell me was it has crash damage and airbags had been activated. after telling them it had been stolen I gave them the crime number and they said it would probably go to forensics.


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That's a bit worrying, you would have thought that if they know it's on false plates somebody would have checked the VIN number which would have flagged up that it was marked as stolen. Probably thought they had an easy arrest by catching you in bed.


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Sorry to read this @roadrash
I was burgled once. The scumbags broke into my flat while I was working night-shift. They took everything...TV, hi-fi, VCR, a lifetime worth of hundreds of CD's etc. Was absolutely gutted. They even nicked the beer from the fridge.
It's the knowing that some complete stranger had been ransacking through my home that hits the hardest.
I couldn't even live there afterwards. Packed my stuff and moved out a couple weeks after.


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I do hope so


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Wouldn't trust keyless entry on any car TBH. My BIL puts his keys in a faraday pouch - what a pain in the bum.

Luckily, the OP had keys downstairs. Without knowing if it was a 'desirable car' had the keys been in a bedroom, then things may have been very different.
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