thieving b@stard scum


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The Oval Office
Trouble is DNA placing you in a stolen car is not proof that you actually stole the car.
That's what the T.W.O.C. charge is for. Stolen, carried in or on, no lawful excuse. A villain dan expect much the same punishment as if they were charged with the actual theft (ie, probably not very much, alas).
Twoc - taken without the owner's consent.

All the prosecution needs is a statement from the owner to say the defendant did not have permission to be in the car.

With theft, there must be an intention to permanently deprive.

Pre-twoc, some people who nicked cars were able to get out from under a theft charge by saying they had only borrowed the car and had planned to return it - no intention to permanently deprive.


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Said the man who used to be happy with his 'iccle Smart

Wouldn't trust keyless entry on any car TBH. My BIL puts his keys in a faraday pouch - what a pain in the bum.

Luckily, the OP had keys downstairs. Without knowing if it was a 'desirable car' had the keys been in a bedroom, then things may have been very different.

Nissan cashcow, 17 plate,... im just glad they didn't come up to the bedroom, god knows what would have happened, I would much rather it happen the way it did

@Beebo I also have cctv footage from a neighbour showing the four scum bags , it isn't brilliant but hopefully good enough,


cycle chatterer
anyhow not wanting to use the roadbike for shops and whatever , I bought a runaround bike from shpock this morning
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