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You are beginning to sound like my wife, and her mother, and her sister, and.........


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Yes it's definitely cooked already, it's boiled in the skin during production (for a good hour I believe). My Father in law used to make it at a slaughterhouse in Scotland for the local butchers.
In the 70s my cousin worked in a slaughterhouse and used to use a wide rubber squeegee to slop all the blood on the floor into a floor gully which pumped it into a vat which had a blade turning continuously to help stop it clotting... from there it was pumped into a tanker and taken to Associated Dairies I believe [ASDA now] to be strained and processed with diced pork fat... still eat it though, but well fried for obvious reasons.
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That holder is defo the wrong way round
That holder is reversible.
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