Things that have bothered you for a long time.

I dunno, in a Melee, those could be deadly.

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I keep hearing stuff like 'they only have a one bedroom flat'. What's wrong with that? I live in a one bedroom flat as i live on my own,so one bedroom is all i need. One bedroom flats seem to be the new 'cardboard box',when referring to living rough/in poverty. I know people who live in static caravans and are happy doing so.Why are we supposed to have loads of rooms to be happy in life?:rolleyes:

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why do Communist and Facist armies march in such an odd way? It’s completely impractical as a method of walking.
It was originally a way of keeping troops correctly spaced as they advanced towards enemy lines. It became obsolete (deadly) with the introduction of accurate firearms.
What's the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist?
Psychology is how minds work either in individuals or groups, whereas Psychiatry is about mental disorders. A Psychologist is there to help people deal with relationships or their environment better either as an individual or a group.
A psychiatrist deals with people whose mind is displaying symptoms of a disorder, ie, something has gone wrong, but it can't necessarily be explained by a physical problem with the brain; it could have been caused by a traumatic experience or similar.
When actors/actresses are asked to audition for unattractive characters, e.g. Mr Collins in P&P, do they get upset?
I've often wondered that: how do agents phrase such things to their client: "I've got a great role for you: An ugly middle aged creepy guy who utterly fails to marry the heroine. The director has your picture and he thinks you'll be perfect..."
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