Things that have bothered you for a long time.


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If Bigfoot has big feet then does he also have a big willy?
Is bigfoot male.
It's splashed during transportation?
Indeed. And when you paint a ceiling, you don't expect the paint all to fall off ...


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Drama queens-why do they have to over-dramatize everything and tell everyone their private business?
Haha the funny thing is queen 1 goes to queen 2's house, has a right ol' natter for 5 hours, then comes home and calls her again - you know just in case they missed something. Reminds me of those days when people on the train used to call their SO and tell them they will be home in 2 minutes; like can't they wait for two minutes and save the phone call and time?

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I'm getting fed up of the Covid-19 invented word 'staycation'. We do 'holidays' here, not 'vacations'. Should be a 'stoliday'. Perhaps people using staycation are anticipating Boris flogging the entire nation off to Trump so we can experience the wonders of being the 51st sate with
gun-toting militia on the streets?.
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