Things that have bothered you for a long time.

bothered as in puzzled/intrigued/nonplussed.
The now long running trend of a fair number of women appearing to want to make themselves look like cartoons.
Seems to be mostly when appearing on any sort of media but i was sat in a pub between lockdowns and looking through the window at the queue of folks waiting to get in/clear the capacity restrictions, there was a group of cartoons about to come in.
Where will it all end?


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Since Brexit how come you can still buy a Euro millions lottery ticket?

Chris S

Why do some chip shops dye their chips bright yellow? Is it supposed to make them more appealing?


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What would 70's soul band Chairmen Of The Board now be called?

Chairpersons of the Board?

Chair Gender Non Specific of the Board?

Chair Refuse To Say of the Board?

Obviously they would have earlier problems also as they were originally called The Showmen so the same options apply I suppose.


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Why is Gordon Ramsey famous ?

I've been obnoxious and swearing at people for years, and no ****** has ever heard of me, you bunch of ******** :angry:
"Reportedly, he made his foray into show biz sometime around 1996, when he appeared as a judge on the British show, MasterChef. Gordonfounded Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in 1997."
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