Things that have bothered you for a long time.

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Yellow Fang, 14 Nov 2017.

  1. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Banana

    Midlands UK
    Why people make such a fuss about prosecco, it isn't all that special.
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  2. mustang1

    mustang1 Guru

    London, UK
    Why people (including me) put up with MPs setting their own salaries and the long holiday time they can have off (and I can't :smile:)
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  3. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    I don't want gluten free cake, i want proper cake.:cursing:
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  4. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Banana

    Midlands UK
    People have kids, spend a fortune on clothing, educating, feeding etc..then when you reach a certain age tv adverts advise you to start saving so that even more of your hard earned cash goes to your kids when you die. Haven't you given them enough already?
  5. srw

    srw It's a bit more complicated than that...

    They don't.
  6. PaulB

    PaulB Guru

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  7. meta lon

    meta lon Guru

    Lil Tracey was a nice lass
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  8. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    Pompous knobs.
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  9. OP
    Yellow Fang

    Yellow Fang Guru

    In The Hobbit there was Gandalf the Grey, and I think he mentioned he had a cousin called Radagast the Brown, who was really only interested in animals. In the Lord of the Rings there was Gandalf again, and the chief wizard, Saruman the White, who turned evil through looking too long through one of Sauron's crystal balls. However, the Silmarillion mentions a couple of other wizards. Whatever happened to them?
  10. Mugshot

    Mugshot Guru

    One became the headmaster at hogwarts the other got a residency in las vegas.
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  11. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Banana

    Midlands UK
    Why it is so difficult to buy clothes, it is a chore I despise but I need, not want, some bits and pieces. One shop-clothes are either winter or summer no in between, another had stuff for ladies 70+, 2 others had stuff that would look great on Margot Leadbetter!
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  12. Chris S

    Chris S Veteran

    Why do the ads on YouTube never have to buffer?
  13. Profpointy

    Profpointy Guru

    Does anyone really think it is special or "make a fuss" of it ? Surely it's just cheaper and inferior substitute for Cava?
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  14. Lullabelle

    Lullabelle Banana

    Midlands UK
    There are birthday cards which mention it, tshirts, Mother's day was 'chocolate and prosecco', it is pushed quite a bit, personally I prefer Cava.
  15. swee'pea99

    swee'pea99 Legendary Member

    Why is a grapefruit called a grapefruit? It's a fruit, fair enough. But it's nothing like a grape. The only fruit that resembles a grape is a grape. If anything has a right to be called grapefruit, why not a grape?
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