Things you'd like to say, but can't


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1, the USB cable that forms the last part of the connection isn’t long enough to reach to the station.
2, Why should I be expected to possess an expensive device with ongoing costs to get information that should be provided free?
Ah, your post made it sound like you were standing at the station looking up at the signs!


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You know what ...
Foxtrot Oscar your company. And useless sales team.
And you Dave. :angry: don't call me tw...t. I'm not your wife.
How the "§$%&/( am I supposed to come up with new practical training sessions if I am not allowed to buy any tools or materials? If you want me to just reuse existing sessions why didn't you say so?


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If I knew where you lived, you POS, I would come round and chop off your dick, that you seem to be fond of sending me pictures of, and ram it up your ‘aris’.

Of course I can’t say this as I have blocked and reported him to Facebook. Before doing this I replied with a pic of a naked mole rat and said ‘separated at birth’.


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I appreciate that you probably have to answer pretty much the same question day-in, day-out but do you have to be so damned rude with it?


I love the bank who deal with the church's money, they are brilliantly efficient, and the large slug of income and expenditure due in the next few days will all be fine because the main current account has not been closed without warning - how could it have been, when the written instructions were to close a subsidiary account?

I really, really wish I could say that...
I don;t think I am alone in wanting to explain - in words of one syllable, some with 4 letters - to many companies with a Customer Service phone line that the fact that you keep people waiting for 30-60 minutes before you answer their call is NOT due to an exceptional level of calls at the moment

It is due to either your incompetence in predicting expected call volume and/or your desire to spend less money on employing people, and buying equipment, inorder to be able to answer the calls in a timely manner

and yes - I do know what I am talking about - I used to work on a computer system for a major call centre so I had a lot of discussions with the managers that managed to ensure that all calls were answered within TEN SECONDS. I know that nowadays they have allowed this to increase quite a lot - they have done this because they can answer within 5 minutes and still look amazingly wonderful compared to what people normally see.

But it could be done then - and it could be done now

but I can't say that because
a) I am still waiting on the damn phone
b) the poor person on the other end of the phone has no control over it and probably gets enough hassle as it is!!


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I would like you to think very carefully about how you word your apology.

If I receive a genuine apology, you may think about a large box of Lindt chocolates and a very large bouquet of flowers, from a florist and not a garage forecourt.
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