Things you'd like to say, but can't


Isle of Mull
I would like you to think very carefully about how you word your apology.

If I receive a genuine apology, you may think about a large box of Lindt chocolates and a very large bouquet of flowers, from a florist and not a garage forecourt.
My late wife once got a very large bunch of flowers from Calmac after I kicked up a fuss about shopping trolleys blocking the lift and access to the car deck for her wheelchair. Her specialist nurse who came weekly was most impressed "that must have been some letter you wrote".

Chris S

I think female footballers should be paid the same as men. Then husbands and boyfriends can live off them the same way that WAGS do. :smile:
This is the 2020s... Surely. it should now be WHAGBs (Wives Husbands And Girlfriends Boyfriends)!? :whistle:

And Bi's and Trans and non-gender-specific and $probablysomeotherstuff

it started as LBTG which seems linguistically wrong but kinda works
then a Q was added - although I am unclear as to what it means (must look that up!) but it works OKish
and then other stuff so that it ends up being so unweildy that it can;t be used easily
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