Thoughts on Lance Armstrong. ?


Started young, and still going.
He is trying to get the lifetime ban overturned. He did also say that if he was back in 1998, he would still dope.


It was not too long ago that his legion of fans were huge and a small minority of non-believers. When they published his flight routes to meet up with the good doctor no one dared to speak including UCI. . Also recalled when it began to unravel, the argument put forth was that nearly everyone doped.

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As someone who was a Lance sceptic from the early days, I have to say now I'm rather warming to him. He got hammered, quite rightly because he was a bully who trampled on anyone who got in his way. But as for the doping itself, as I said many moons ago had I been a pro I'd have been at it too if only because most others were. His fault was taking it too far, but he's a complex and fascinating character and someone I'd love to spend an evening in a bar with.

I have to admit to having a soft spot for villains, provided of course I haven't been one of their victims. And as I never rode a Trek or wore a yellow wristband I wasn't one of Lances. Naughty man, but perversely he is probably more responsible for cleaning up the sport more than any other individual.
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