Time to buy a new bike? Thanks Mr & Mrs Weir!



must be something in the water as I have had such a nice email from Nigeria saying how trustworthy I am sol I have asked them to send the money over by cheque to my office then we will sort out the handling fee. ^_^


Should get George Galloway to run a course on how to run a charity and travel widely. Not only will people genuinely donate it is also more sustainable. And you operate within the law.


Rain; It's not big and it's not clever!
Costa Clyde.
Sadly Mr and Mrs Weir have split up........I wonder whether your correspondent knows that :laugh:
That's a shame. I live about 2 miles from the big house they bought after their windfall, so they don't even need to e-mail me if they want to buy me a bike :laugh:. I cycle past it quite often, trying not to look too beggingly towards their house.

They have done a lot of good work locally with their money, and no-one around here has a bad word to say about them. A fact which the gutter press were made aware of soon after the win, when they were trying (unsuccessfully) to dig up some dirt on them.
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