Tipper truck kills 4 in Bath


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Some big hills going in and out of Bath I know from cycling at speed from Bath Race Course at Lansdown into Bath City Centre...you can really get up some speed. I cannot imagine the carnage that would result if a lorry went out of control which is what appeared to happen yesterday.


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This happened about half a mile from my front door. As I cycled into Bath yesterday afternoon there were air ambulances and emergency services everywhere. RIP


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Incredibly sad. It seems that brake failure on trucks does happen, is this a result usually of lack of roadworthiness or some plain bad luck?

There is a steep hill that descends into Glossop. In the 13 years I've lived here two trucks have suffered brake failure and have careered into houses and shops. Only by good fortune (and certainly in the second case the bravery of the driver) was nobody badly injured


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[QUOTE 3527249, member: 9609"]that is pretty steep and sustained[/QUOTE]
Tell me about it. Many, many years ago I used to run up that road ... or try to at least. I think I managed it once without slowing to a walk.
As I recall it's not a particularly wide road and I'm struggling to see why any sort of HGV would want to go that way.
On the other hand I dread to think what could have happened if a truck's brakes failed on the main Lansdown Road into the middle of Bath


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A truly tragic accident. Hopefully the investigation will reveal the cause, whatever it might be.

To give some indication of the severity of the gradient, the road in question is #2 in Simon Warren's 100 greatest climbs book.
Apparently there is a 20mph speed limit on that stretch of road Here is an image of the truck.

Maybe someone who knows more than me can tell me if it looks like that could have been done at 20mph into parked cars?



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I know the hill well at the top there there used to be a sign advising drivers to engage a low gear rather than rely on brakes but I don't know how that works with an automatic. At the bottom of the hill there used to be a dead end with traffic lights offering only a 90 degree left or right which was the scene of a number of horrific accidents til they changed the road. The bottom part was also heated to avoid icing over in the winter.


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Off topic slightly but on the same day an HGV jacknifed on Pennyquick Hill, south-west of Bath , causing all kinds of road problems in Bath. Because there are few routes available, traffic just passing between the A46 and A36 or A39 has little choice but to pass through Bath and causes regular long queues of traffic, the road down Lansdown Lane is often used to bypass the city centre and get to the A39 or the A36 via Midford.


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RIP all those who have lost their lives yesterday. Reports that the driver of the truck was 19. Is there any age restrictions/length of driving experience that a lorry driver of that size/weight should have?
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