To the bloke that overtook me last night


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Once overtook a fellow roadie and I had to up the speed as he was on my back wheel, after about 1.5 miles doing about 24mph I had to take a pretend detour down a cul-de-sac just to get my breath back.


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Newbee here, not so much on the bike but more with English.

Great stories but can anyone explain where RLJ stands for so I am not only laughing to be polite.

I amagine Ride Like J....:smile:

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I hate cyclists who draft me. Most of my evenings when I am commuting home the same roadie sits on my tail for 4 miles. My speed averages 14mph over the distance, and he never drops off or over takes, and he has the oppertunity to as the cycle track has plently of room.


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Catrike UK said:
A few weeks ago I was test riding a customers 700 that I had just given an overhaul to, I passed a roadie who then decided the race was on, we were on a slight uphill and he eased past near the top before it drops into a 3 mile descent, we were both knackered by then, he looked at the down hill then at me before saying "bollocks", I gave him a smile then made the jump into hyperspace, 3 miles later I had got my breath back and was thanking God that I had managed to climb so well.
Reminds me of a trip to France a few years back, 8 of us on various 'bents, including Mike Burrows on his Ratcatcher. As we waited to turn out of a side road, a French roadie went past, and Mike pulled out after him and hung on his tail, apparently effortlessly. After the first 'WTF!'* double take glance over his shoulder, the roadie tried his hardest to get away, but Mike just sat behind him. Halfway up the next hill, the roadie turned off - we always wondered if he'd always meant to, or was just getting away....

*for TijnUK, WTF stands for 'what the.... ?(insert four letter word starting with F)'.:ohmy:

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Kestevan said:
I think you're missing the point.
I know, I was just going off on a slight (and pointless but I knew what I was doing) tangent in saying that if you stayed on my back wheel just because I overtook you earlier I wouldn't be amused, I wasn't referring to it happening instantly as you lot were as, frankly I'd never dream of doing that to anyone, that's all.


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I don't commute by bike so I never have to deal with people leap-frogging me in traffic but something I do have happen quite often is that I will be out and maybe see a cyclist in the distance and bit by bit, going at my own pace I will get ever closer.
Then when I am behind them, and maybe decide they are just a bit too slow for me to sit there for another 5 miles or more, I'll change down and up the speed a tad to get round quickly. As soon as they know I am coming round them, from nowhere a sudden burst of speed develops and I am left behind them again.
Now I don't mind that as such but 50 m down the road they slow down and I am left on their back wheel wondering should I match their speed or do I up mine.

If I step on the gas ( as much as a 58 yr old can anyway)
I am pretty soon putting in more effort than I want to, and guaranteed he will be behind me just dying to show me how good he is.:ohmy: I really don't care

And it is always blokes.:biggrin:

I'm not looking to race anyone but some buggers really do not like being passed.


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Think yourselves lucky that you get to play at commuter races, opposition are few and far between here and mostly going the opposite direction to me ;)
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