Too many punctures-recommend me a tyre!


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Having a lot of punctures on the commuter - the standard Conti race somethings that came with the bike just aren't wearing well.

I have Conti Grand Prix 4 Seasons on another bike which I like but have had Schwalbe Durano Plus recommended as a tyre.

What tyres are you all running? Puncture resistance is most important but I don't want it to be so heavy it's sluggish on the roads.


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Gatorskins are probably a bit heavier duty than I'd want hence the 4 seasons and Duranos


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I commute across 11 miles of debris-strewn roads in Central/West London each day on £9.99 Vittoria Rubinos. They work pretty well. Some other people of this parish seem to agree. My days of spending £25 per tyre will probably never return.
I've found that folding Rubino Pros are a good all weather tyre. Folding for ease of repairing when repair you must, hard wearing, reasonably puncture resistant and with a bit more grip when cornering to make wet riding give you less of that walking on ice feeling. But looking at Wiggle's current price they're mid £17. I use them and would buy them again.


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Durano Plus have been utterly reliable for me in thousands of miles. First set on the Viner did 5,000 miles (rear) and 7,000 (front) without a single puncture, even though the rear had the top layer of rubber clean off by the time it was replaced. The Condor's set I'm going to replace as the rear's got a gash down to the smartguard layer & they've done a few k themselves. No punctures on those either.


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Switched to Durano Plus for the commute. Lots of glass on parts and my tyres are cut badly, but not one deflation since fitting. The glass went straight through my previous Mich Pro4 Endurance.


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I find with contis in general you have to check for embedded debris that can work through it and cause a puncture .
That's true for all armoured tyres: when you hear tap-tap-tap, stop and flick the spike out. Also, check them occasionally for shiny bits showing on the surface and dig them out by pressing a point next to them and hooking them out.

I run Delta cruisers or marathons (not plus unless armour is more important than weight or suppleness). Gatorskins and Zaffiros seem OK from others who I ride with.


I've been riding Maxxis Re-Fuse 23mm to try and find a cheaper replacement to Conti 4000 GP S and only had one puncture in exactly 3000 Miles which was caused by a large flint which would have probably punctured any tyre. So far I am very impressed, find them as fast as the 4000's, and more puncture resistant, life span is about the same if they last me to 3500 miles and there is plenty of wear left in them and very grippy, even in the wet

I based my decision to try them on this review as the reviewer is a reliable source of information and the cheapness of them:-

And since then found this on Youtube

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