too windy for camping???


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We're currently in Cornwall camping and the wind over the past 2 days has been howling.
How windy would you guys let it get before calling it a day and packing up?

This is what we've had last night


And we survived but not that I got much sleep!


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Good training for your Icelandic tour:okay:.


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I bail out if the tent has disappeared.

Fortunately it wasn't my tent that blew on the West Coast Mainline this morning....^_^


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If the wind is very strong, my main concern would be the possibility of nearby trees being blown over - tents aren't renowned for their ability to withstand trees falling on top of them and you don't really want to be inside one when it happens.

That aside, being snug and warm and dry inside a tent that's getting a hammering from wind and rain is something I've always found rather exciting.


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Debris flying around was my main concern, got up a couple of times through the night to check everything was still pegged down which it was.

I think the tent did really well but wasn't sure if it was just luck rather than it being ok to stay out in those winds.
Does the camp site have a duty to warn people if they think conditions are too bad? There was a man in the campsite land rover that was adjusting some guy lines on a tent near us that was flapping around a bit.

Having the wind and rain outside the tent does make me feel snug, but right now it's blowing but lovely sunshine so it's a bit warm in here.


The absolute very lightest of breeze. In fact I wouldn't be there in the 1st place.Been there done that absolutely hated every single second of camping. Really not for me.


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Our last UK camping holiday was to Tenby. We had one of those big frame tents, not designed for extreme weather. But it was August so should have been OK

For those that can remember, it was 1979, the time of the Fastnet race tragedy. The wind howled but the tent survived. Until one night at about 4am my Dad woke us up and told us the tent frame was buckling under the pressure and it was pulling the tent pegs out of the ground.

We stuffed everything in the car (I had to have the cooker on my lap all the way back to Lancashire) and when we left at 6am tents were being blown across the campsite with owners running after them

It was France for camping after that
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