1. Venod

    Something for a wet windy Saturday, the legend Fred Dibnah.

  2. F

    How windy is too windy.

    Forecast tomorrow is for 50mph winds. 10 mile commute INTO it. Too windy? If it's OK - what would others deem "too windy"?
  3. Distorted Vision

    Too windy to go cycling.... I decided to wash my bike instead!
  4. biggs682

    Too windy to ride so what you all doing

    Way too much wind for a ride this morning . So into the kitchen I go and make a banana loaf . What's everyone else doing ?
  5. NickNick

    Windy bike rides

    I'm hating the windy weather at the moment, its either giving me jolts of Adrenalin I could do without when a sideways gust catches my front wheel, or the headwinds are making flat rides feel like I'm battling hills! Any advise for riding in the wind, or is it just a case of getting used to it?
  6. Globalti

    Energy drink - anything less, er, windy than maltodextrin?

    I use maltodextrin in my drink bottle for long rides and it being pure carbohydrate, for a couple of hours after the ride I'm in discomfort with trapped wind and farting like a horse. Is there any carbohydrate that won't have this unfortunate side-effect?
  7. Tommy2

    too windy for camping???

    We're currently in Cornwall camping and the wind over the past 2 days has been howling. How windy would you guys let it get before calling it a day and packing up? This is what we've had last night And we survived but not that I got much sleep!
  8. derrick

    It's a bit windy

    A friend of mine is out there to the ride.
  9. Slick

    Wet & Windy All Weekend.

    As the title suggests, it's Friday night and I'm already feeling a bit frustrated after getting cheated out of one of my weekly commutes.(long story) I'm off for the long weekend, so don't go back to work until Tuesday. Weather forecast is horrendous even though I don't really mind the rain but...
  10. sarahale

    Windy eye problems!

    Does anyone else suffer bloodshot eyes and pain caused by the wind or sun? Mine have been terribly bloodshot, sore and weepy and my doctor has told me I need to invest in shades and cycling glasses to protect my eyes. Anyone else suffer and got any tips or recommendations for best value...
  11. Smurfy

    So you thought your windy commute was bad

    Spare a thought for these cyclists, attempting and mostly failing to complete a race in Benidorm against the head wind from hell. View:
  12. Pale Rider

    How much wind is too much wind?

    Several of my loops involve riding up and down the North East coast. As a general rule, if there is a headwind, it will be on the way back down. The question is how much wind is too much wind to venture out? I suspect like many of us, I usually check the BBC website. Up to 10mph can be...
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