Too windy to ride so what you all doing


I am decorating. This does not fill me with joy


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very windy where I rode this morning......

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You went for a ride to the local turdis. Do you not have a lavvy at home?


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The symptoms of my first cold of the winter began yesterday so weak and cruddy today. Assembled some bedroom flatpack furniture this morning, been out to my LBS for a pump and a bag of potatoes from a local in bed, watching a film.
Steak is defrosting...might have a sleep.


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That looks delicious! We had connamon pecan pancakes this morning that were scrumptious. Little one and I were watching Reading Rainbow earlier (I had the biggest crush on LeVar Burton when I was young ^_^) and now I am enjoying a cup of coffee while getting ready for work. I have to go in a bit early to give a training session before my normal shift so I am a bit grumpy about that. Not much excitement here, I'm afraid.
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