Wet & Windy All Weekend.


As the title suggests, it's Friday night and I'm already feeling a bit frustrated after getting cheated out of one of my weekly commutes.(long story) I'm off for the long weekend, so don't go back to work until Tuesday. Weather forecast is horrendous even though I don't really mind the rain but draw the line in storm conditions. I've never fancied a turbo trainer, so what do you do to burn excess energy when the weather is so bad?

Hill Wimp

Fair weathered,fair minded but easily persuaded.
No problem on the South Coast :sun:


Just man up and ride. Unless you are in NW Scotland, it won't be rain all weekend. Hopefully for me, it will pass over on Saturday night and be gone by Sunday morning.

I'd rather eat my own arm than sit on a turbo for hours.
Unfortunately, I'm just far North and West enough to catch it all weekend according to XC.

I'm in full agreement about the turbo though.
Brutal here. Went out earlier and it was horrendous headwinds.
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