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I either use a Topeak or Ortileb saddle bag to carry my tools and other stuff when riding. My tools consist of a multi-tool, small pliers, tyre patch, cable ties, tape, CO2 capsule and valve, tyre levers, tubes and other stuff for potential mechanicals. At the moment they are kept together in polythene bags or even loose in my saddle bags.. I'm wanting to tidy everything up in a small bag that I can put inside the topeak or Ortlleb. Has anyone got any suggestions? How do you keep all you stuff together? I've looked on e-bay and and cant find anything suitable. I was thinking of a sort of 'roll up' tool bag with individual compartments for the items, but it must be small enough to fit in my topeak.


I use half of an old tea towel with the tools rolled up tightly in it. Stops them rattling, and gives you something to wipe your hands on after a messy repair.


There seems to be a common theme emerging here, can't quite put my finger on it.....

That cyclists are tight gits or we have lateral thinking?


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I use a pencil case. But not just any old pencil case.

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Mine is a Tour de France Yorkshire souvenir pencil case.

And the zip's broken so it's held closed by those thick bands you get around inner tubes.


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I maintain my bike carefully and head off any problems before they let me down so I don't think I've ever suffered a mechanical in 9 years as a road cyclist. In 21 years of mountain biking I had a few but they were caused by factors outside my control like flying rocks, branches or sheets of plastic.

When I'm out on the best bike I carry a spare tube taped up tight with two tyre levers plus a gas cylinder in a dispenser in a jersey pocket.That's it. The only time that's ever let me down was when I forgot the dispenser and punctured so fitted the tube then borrowed a pump from a passing cyclist.

On the endurance bike I have a tiny Scott saddle pack containing tube, levers and multi-tool and I carry the gas dispenser in a jersey pocket. Scott make a variety of small saddle bags and if you stuff them they don't rattle.
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