tracker bikes

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by alecstilleyedye, 19 Feb 2008.

  1. alecstilleyedye

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Moderator

    anyone remember them from the 80s? usually built from a road frame with flat (sometimes cow horn etc) bars and always single speed (something like 30x15ish iirc), sometimes even fixed. the tyres were like knobbly road tyres. the saddle had to be a particular brand (which escapes me) to look good.

    my mate built one, i had it for a bit before swapping it for a bmx ;)
  2. ChrisKH

    ChrisKH Veteran

    Mate, we were building them in 1977.........;)xx(
  3. NickM

    NickM Veteran

    Sounds a bit like a cycle speedway bike to me...
  4. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    I had something chopper like called a tracker

    3 speed gears mounted onto a car like gear selector on the crossbar, rectangular gold frame, padded fauz leather sat like a Harley complete with back rest

    very very cool
  5. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    and here it is, although mine was cool gold

  6. OP

    alecstilleyedye nothing in moderation Moderator

    not really, that sort of bike tynan. although imagine riding that fixed…
  7. Dave5N

    Dave5N Über Member

    Yep. Know exactly what you mean. You had yer best bike and yer Tracker for messing about in the woods.
  8. Tynan

    Tynan Veteran

    I didn't think you did mean that, it looks unrideable now although I remember it as an excellent bike, I suspect most of the time was spent striking a pose in the playground
  9. Pecan

    Pecan New Member

    Hell yes! Built one from some old shopping bike in around 1975. Hugest cow horns I could find, 3 speed hub, frame hand painted with some green Humbrol. Had a knobbly tyre on the rear. It was the business. Sold it to a mate years later who promptly got it nicked, 'twas the last I saw of it.

    Might be the reason my favourite bike now is a beach cruiser. I'm new to all this forum'ing, does anyone else ever mention beach cruisers or should I keep quiet about that?
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