Tredz - Poor Recent Experience


Before I moan, I will say I’ve used Tredz many times in the past with no issues.

Unfortunately my last 2 experiences (both within the last month) haven’t been good.

1 - I ordered a few bits and bobs, one of which was showing an expected in stock date of a week after I ordered. Order hadn’t arrived after 2 weeks, checked website and now showing the item as not in stock with no expected in stock date. No correspondence from Tredz. Order cancelled by me.

2 - Order submitted and generic ‘we have received your order’ email received. Value of order showing as pending on my CC statement. About 2 weeks later the order just disappeared from my CC statement. Nothing delivered and no correspondence from Tredz.

I understand that there will sometimes be stock issues, but to have no contact from the shop is very disappointing.

I’ll certainly think twice before ordering from them again.


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They’re well known for never having stock. One I avoid!


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I am still waiting for something ordered 2 years ago. I did not actually want it, I only ordered it to get to the free delivery threshold. For some reason I always forget who is the bigger liars about stock, Tredz or Tweeks, so order from the wrong one and have to wait for them to get stock in.


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Im having a similar thing with Tweeks. Very poor customer service at the moment. No reply to emails, phone ques start in the double numbers and been cut off once I get to number 4.

Not sure if this is the norm and they are using the current covid as an excuse - all items were in stock when ordered (which is why I used them - sucker)

I placed an order with bikemonger using their express service, a good few hours after their cut off time and that got to me by the next morning - very impressed with them.


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I do wonder if they and Tweeks operate a just in time stock holding? Big delays of late with both of them for me . Thankfully Decathlon have reopened for click and collect next door to my work so the usual stuff for repairs I can now get fairly quick!
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