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As there are oodles of T3 owners on the forum I thought it a good idea to create a thread to discuss our "Red Roadies"

Nail your colours to the mast on this thread and lets see just how many T3's are rolling the British roads.

Also it could be a point of contact for any problems, tips or advice for T3 owners.

I'll set the ball rolling by stating "I'm Spartacus, and I own a Triban 3" :sun:
Me too!! Couple of initial probs but now sorted, few modes also, and enjoying it immensely!!!


Ahoyhoy. As you can see, one Triban 3.

My hubs are well and truly thrashed after 1100 miles or so. What wheelset would people suggest upgrading to? I was considering Shimano R501s but the slightly more expensive Fulcrum 7 wheels seem to get good reviews.


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North Somerset
Hi another Triban3 owner here had it since the end of July. No problems yet "touch wood" but need to change brake blocks. Like you Boopop i'm thinking of changing the wheels. "Cycling Active" suggested two wheel upgrades, the budget ones where Shimano RS10, or the more expensive Cole Rollen Elite wheelset. My wheelset still seems ok so l'm hoping l can last out till the spring then l will visit my Lbs and see what they say. Let as know how you get on.

safe cycling


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Another owner here .... got my T3 last September. Only changed the saddle on mine and have a couple of wheels ready to fit in Spring/Summer to replace the originals.
More than happy with the bike and its fantastic value for money.
Another very happy owner of a T3 which I've had since June 2012 with no problems and some great rides.


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'I'm Spartacus too..and so is mi wife'.

No but honestly.......................Triban 3?

Never heard of it.



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Another Triban owner here. Bought it last September (I think !)

Since then I've changed the saddle and stem, and put some Shimano 540 pedals on it.

It's a great bike for the money. will look out for the wheelset problems though !


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Yup.......just come back from a (DAY-OFF!) tootle to the local transport cafe for egg on toast and a stop for a pint of Tribute.

Actually - tootling is all I ever seem to do - can't resist a greasy spoon or a country pub! I think this makes me a bad person.

However.............I always come back grinning! Could be the beer? Could be my mindbogglingly RED Triban 3!?

It might also be the cunning mods I have made to her? Grown-up Tyres, new brakes, shorter stem (Mmm...'RaceFace' with a lovely embossed RaceFace 'Evil-Eye' on the front...I'm easily pleased ^_^). Either way............considering I am STILL a late middle-aged wheezy anxious guy, the Triban has COMPLETLY CHANGED MY LIF!

(Note to self; go easy on the beer, Widge.)

All in all....a terrific ride.

I have a few short-term goals though -

One is to keep my Tescos Bike computer permanently reading a double-figure average speed. ( I have no excuse beyond living on the edge of Dartmoor where every direction is UP) and to develop enough puff and pant to do some mini-tours next spring/summer.

I particularly liked the fact the Triban has bosses for fitting a set of light panniers and rack. I reckon it will make a lovely 'fast tourer'? What do you think?

All best



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PS..... is FANTASTIC to see so many fellow Tribonites on here :thumbsup: bunch of cheap-skate, dollar-dodging n00bs!



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Count me in, T3 owner since the end of October, only changes are some shimano A530 pedals and a set of gatorskins.

Next upgrade will probably be some new wheels, not that I've had any issues with mine I just like new, shiny things!
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