Trivial things that please you beyond all expectations

While at my kitchen sink a few minutes ago I saw an elderly women looking sheepish as they, say approach my flat with 2 small cardboard boxes in her hands. I knew what she was up to and could've opened my window and slammed it shut to let her know I'd spotted her, but instead I let her sneakily dispose of the boxes in my cardboard and paper recycling bin. Well, I think it was my bin, though it could've been her's down stairs. Anyway, I'd rather folk put stuff tidily in my bin(s) rather than just dropping it on the floor nearby! Over the years I've had pizza boxes, beer bottles and cans, even a broken in the wind umbrella disposed of in my bins. I found the umbrella a bit cheeky as my lid wouldn't shut and I do draw the line at deposited dog shoot bags!!:stop:
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Standing by the door at work today, I heard the storks on the building opposite clapping their beaks at each other. This always makes me smile.

Later in the day a customer gave all the staff a pot full of daffodils "Because I was on the way back from the wholesalers and I thought it would cheer you up."

And I had a tailwind on the way back...


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The CycleChat "Similar Threads" function is wildly pleasing. Phaeton asks for "tap room barristers"; the similar threads take me to: 2008 and a tyre noise; a discussion about Spinal Tap; and so on.
Ah, the quality of threads seems somehow so much better back in those days...
And back to today? I'm wondering if I've been insulted for posting something, which makes me think I should keep busy elsewhere. And listen rather to the kestrels' chatter.
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Chris S

Replacing Firefox with Epiphany, it doesn't crash every other time I use it. My ancient laptop should be in service for a while yet.


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I just learned that the Greenland shark lives a couple of kilometres below sea level, sensibly swims at less than one mile per hour, and can live for over four hundred years. I'm not sure what the stimulation is down there but you have to admire their attitude.


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One more pic, am currently on a bench at the end of my garden looking out across fields with wild deer mooching about. Got my 4th glass of vino at hand, and have just christened a grill and firepit with a lovely BBQ. Had some awesome steak, halloumi, feta salad, and some pork & apple bangers. Ah, marshmallows too.

The rest of the family have gone in, but I could happily sit out here in evening solitude for hours.
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