Trivial things that please you beyond all expectations


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I need to give a little background for this to make sense...
My wife loves that Irish crooner Daniel O'Donnel. Maybe 30 years ago he appeared on GMTV or similar , sang his i watched :huh:...his jacket was buttoned up wrong:biggrin:
Naturally I ribbed my wife mercilessly :rofl:

So, every 5 or10 years something happens and it gives me a chance to unexpectedly remind her.
TTonight we're watching the news and she said..
'look at the state of Boris's jacket' :tongue:
I instantly retorted...
'Yeah....but at least he can button it up properly :laugh:' and dissolved into guffaws.

My wife, not unnaturally, was instantly peeved,she knew exactly what I was talking about and cast me a death stare :gun:

'Aw com'on, 30 years I've been having fun with that, I haven't finished yet :biggrin:'


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The now corrected misspelling has been a mild annoyance for weeks.

I’m still a bit edgy about the space before the full stop.
While out walking this aft' I had a grumble about dropped litter swirling round in the wind, then spotted this was swirling with that litter!! ^_^

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Many years ago we were sitting outside having a snack. We were opposite a pub and a group of dodgy looking blokes went into the pub carrying 3 or 4 black bin bags
A few minutes later they came ou - also carrying black bin bags - as soon as they were out they all ran towards a car parked near us
half way across the road a man ran out of the pub afte rthem and shouting
One of them stumbled, grabbed at anotehr bloke and the 2 bin bags ripped and 'litter' blew all over the road
They all stopped yelling and started grabbing at the 'litter'

After a minute of so the first lot legged it into the car and sped off with a screaming or tyres - the other bloke picked up as much as he could but the wind was by now blowing it all over the place

We had a baby with us so didn;t want to get involved in anything that might get violent - butr after they were all gone I went and picked up over £400 in £10 poind notes from the gutter and a hedge!!!

that was handy!!!!
One of our clients (60 years old) has got a job, and she's finding nice things from the shop to wear...
While sat in my kitchen picking crumbs and stuff up off the floor with my crabs claws/pincer type 'picker upper' thingy as I post, it's taken me back to those seaside arcade things where you put 10p in to try and grab a soft toy and such things. I laughed when I thought of the packets of ten cigarettes they also had in there. Imagine ciggies being a 'prize' these days.;)
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Getting a return journey booked on the ferry at the times I wanted and on the day I wanted. Nowadays this is very rare due to tourists booking everything months in advance.

I'm astonished there isn't a set number of spaces for locals. Actually, I'm even more astonished that tourists can take their cars onto a small island with very limited capacity in the infrastructure.
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