TT bike smaller than road?


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Hi all, just a question, Im looking at buying a felt TT bike, im 5'11 with leg of c.31cm, would a 52cm top tube be too small? Im on a 54 now and Ive heard people say a TT should be smaller.


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I would imagine (and I might be wrong) that a bike built specifically for TT'ing will be designed such that it is the correct size for the rider and you would not need to buy a smaller frame than your "normal" sizing (but all frames vary so you may not need the same size on all frames).

If you were to try using a road bike for a TT bike, maybe you would buy/use a bike 1 size down. But if the bike is made for TT'ing you shouldnt need to make size compromises because the geometry should be optomised to put you in the right possition.


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You should try it before buying as fit and position on a TT bike is very important - FWIW I've tried a 52cm B2 which feels good at 5'8" so a 54 might be more suitable for you.


They are smaller due to the extended nature of aero bars and of course a smaller bike enables a lower upper body position to minimise wind resistance.

It also shaves a few grams off the overall weight!
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