Tubeless Tyre Care


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I have recently purchased a Giant Escape Disc 1. It has tubeless tyres.

This is the first time I have owned a bicycle with tubeless tyres.

Other than inflating, when needed, is there any other regular maintenance I should be doing (on tyres)?

Thank you.
Keeping the sealant topped up is the main task.

How often that needs doing will depend on the components and type of sealant used by whoever set it up.

The simplest way to check sealant levels is to pop a bead and have a look, although you need to be careful not to spill any.

Some users suck the sealant out with a syringe, or weigh the wheel and tyre and top up when that weight drops.

The tyre will almost certainly still hold air with no liquid sealant sloshing around inside, but it might not seal a puncture.
I used to find the quickest way to check the sealant level is to unclip the wheel and give it a shake and listen for the sloshing sound. But since I have fitted nukeproof ARD inserts I get no sloshing noise so just pop a bead and have a quick look once a month. I would once in a while remove the valve core and clean them of the old sealant which seem to in my case to cause a small leak around the core seal.


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Agree with the above comments. Personally I pop the bead to top up because I use Stans race sealant and not supposed to put through the valve and my tyres are easy to get on off and pump up / seal. You will get an idea how long the sealant lasts over time so you know roughly how often to check. My valves are getting quite sticky now so really need to give them a clean out.
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