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Depending which test I take I'm either a Type 1 diabetic or completely normal :laugh: It fooled my GP well enough in to sending me to a specialist who took a look at the two tests along with my medical history. His verdict was that it was fairly normal for someone in my position and that I wasn't diabetic :okay:

The confusion arises from the fact I had acute necrotising pancreatitis about 5 years ago - it was particularly grim and nearly finished me off. I was in critical care for 11 days and hospital for over 3 months, taking 6 months off work to recover. I had an operation known as a necrosectomy whilst in hospital to remove the dead area of pancreas - I was told at the time that I have somewhere between 5% and 50% of healthy pancreas remaining. We now presume its nearer the top end of that estimate as I wouldn't be this well otherwise :laugh: With my itty bitty pancreas I fail the glucose tolerance test miserably as its simply not able to produce enough insulin quickly enough to lower the blood sugar level quickly. However, looking at my HbA1c results we know my long term blood sugar levels are normal - in fact the specialist pointed out mine were better than his :laugh: In effect I can produce enough insulin to get by if my diet is good, but things like energy gels aren't a brilliant idea :laugh:

The downside of all this is I'm at increased risk of pancreatic cancer and both secondary type 1 and type 2 diabetes in later life, so I have to look after myself. No more haribo binges for me :sad::laugh: And yes, despite all this I still have to pay for my prescriptions :laugh:


Big milestone today.... 2 stone 11lb weight loss takes me a pound under 15 stone just 5 days before my next big blood testing. Will I be type 2 free?
Either way, I have to say it feels really good and my fitness and energy levels are stellar to how they were ;)


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Now find something that is 18kg, pick it up and revel in the fact that you are not having to carry this around all the time any more. I find this quite motivating.
I was thinking along those lines today...

Lidl had a £5 off if you spend £25+ offer so I did a bigger shop than usual. I walked back with a 35 L rucksack and a shoulder bag, both full of shopping. It felt damn heavy so I weighed the shopping and it came to a total of 17 kg.

I used to carry that 17 kg in fat plus 12 kg more over what I weigh now. No wonder my joints used to ache and I struggled to cycle up steep hills...
I have reverted diabetes twice.

After the first time I managed the condition through diet and exercise but I was asked to stop cycling for a little while after a HA and then go slowly which I found boring so stopped cycling for quite a while.... I was never a fast cyclist but to keep an eye on my HR was not something I handled well... too scared.

So after 6 years, diabetes came back and during lockdown my A1c went totally out of control... 135mmol/L when it needed to be 42 - 48. So more tablets.

At that point I began to search for an alternative way to treat diabetes and I finally learnt what really causes diabetes and how to reverse it..... doctors only give you tablets which only make it worse over time.

I'm not going to tell you what to do but look into intermittent fasting and keto diet. YOUTUBE has some good videos.... Dr Jason Fung and Dr Sten Ekberg are my favorites.

The British and American diabetes society recommend 40% of carbs.... on a 2000 cal diet that is 800 cal or 200g of carbs per day .... that's far too much for a diabetic.... I now eat between 10 and 20 grams a day and it made a huge difference.

Intermittent Fasting is my new way of life and I got used to it, being doing it for 9 months now.... from 12 hours all the way to 4 days or 96h.... I don't do the long fasting now as my diabetes is reversed but I can do a 18h or 24h, depending on how I feel or what's for dinner lol
18h is easy.... dinner at 7pm - sleep during the night - miss breakfast and have a late lunch.

Keto diet is great but I got into it only in the last 2 months.... my diabetes was already controlled but I can still notice how it helps to control my glucose.

Whatever you do, don't try any of these without monitoring your glucose closely while you are on medication.
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