Tyre issue?


East Sussex
Hi all, is this an issue? I noticed this when I had to fix a puncture but the bead around the tyre seems damaged?

If this is the case I’m kinda mad as these haven’t covered many miles and zero winter miles.


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Heltor Chasca

Out-riding the Black Dog
That looks normal to me. My Schwalbe Duranos have a similar difference in materials where the wheel rim makes contact with the tyre. Harder wearing perhaps?

Undoubtedly someone will be along soon to announce otherwise :tongue:


East Sussex
ok thanks all, I had some Vittorias fall apart on me last year so I was worried the same thing was happening.

I really like these P-Zero so I would've been really annoyed if they perished in no time.
It looks like your brake blocks have been contacting the tyres under braking. They will have worn, so that they aren’t now, but check that they are in a position where they don’t in future. They tyres are fine at the moment, but you can get the tyre coming away from the bead if they continue to contact the tyre like that. Check the toe and dip adjustment of the brake blocks, and that the wheels are firmly in the dropouts, and level.


St. Albans
It's quite common to see something like that, and although it can look alarming I've never known it to be a problem. Quite often the construction of the tyre has an edge there. In the picture below it's shown as an anti-chafing strip. I think I've also seen diagrams where one of the layers of the casing wraps around the bead and ends there, presumably also to add reinforcement to that area. I think the edge just lifts and frays a little, but it shouldn't affect the integrity of the tyre.

Certainly do check that your brake blocks aren't rubbing, and keep an eye on it to see if it gets worse, but I think it'll be OK.

The blocks seem very clear, they're pretty new and I got some great advise here about fitting them, they're really low on the rims braking surface.
Good. That’s how they should be. You may have picked up some debris on the pads which has contacted the tyre.
It's quite common to see something like that, and although it can look alarming I've never known it to be a problem.

I have, recently as it happens. If you chew through the anti chafing strip, because the pads are contacting it, or you pick up debris, that chews through the anti chafing strip, you will end up with a loud bang, as the tube gets split, or if you’re using a tubeless set up, the sealant escapes rapidly, and the tyre becomes useless. I guess some people just don’t have enough experience to comment on these things.
Just check your wheel bearings as well. I had a couple of unexplained blow-outs caused by chafing. The brake blocks were correctly positioned, but under load, the knackered wheel-bearings were allowing the wheels to flex enough to wear through the tyre.
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