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Hi there. I have 2014 boardman comp hybrid. The tyres are the standard 700x28c tyres that came with bike, IL be cycling mainly on countryside roads that are slick with leaves dirt and potholes in places so looking for something a bit more comfortable and grippy. I'm ideally looking for a set at around 700 x 35 but want to make sure these Wil fit there looks to be more than enough. Clearance on frame but it's the rims I'm worried about also would I be better buying new tubes to match the larger tyres. Looking at Schwable land cruisers or schwable road cruisers t the moment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also open to other tyres I may have overlooked. Thanks

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Rim: You will be fine with 35mm wide tyres - the rims will be at least 622-17 and maybe 19. I can't tell what rims your wheels have - are they "Boardman E4P Doublewall"? If so they are sometimes sold with 37s on. HTH
Tube: Your current inner tubes will likely be 18-25s, so get the next size up (eg 28-37).
For the comfort you seek, consult the attached Bicycling Quarterly article.


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Thats fantastic thankyou. Yes they are e4p double walled rims. Great news as the ones on it at moment are so slippy in this weather it's scary. Great in summer though.
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