Uk bike market analysis.

The UK Bike Market 2003 – 2005 (x 1,000 units)


Looks like UK bike production is coming to an end.

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Surprised there still is any. What brands are still made here?


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Twenty Inch said:
Surprised there still is any. What brands are still made here?

Theres a company near me that makes bikes and sells them. The name is Langdale Lightweights. If i had the money then i would have one. A few riders around here have them, but i think i was told the cheapest one they do is about £800.
They look good and i think they custom make them and take your measurements down on a bike they have that extends and stuff.
Mickle, whilst bowing to your superior knowledge, were only 3,300 bikes imported in 2005? That's less than 64 a week! I'll bet it'll only take a couple of branches of Halfords to deal with that number!
they would of gone down this year with all the rain. When i was working in the bike shop all the reps where saying sale's where down by 27% overs where saying upto 31%? so its going to be a lot i think.
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