Ultegra or KMC X11 Chain?


Looking around for bargains on consumables for the future and seen the Ultegra 11 speed chain going for £13.99. Normally I would use the KMC X11 SL (£36,95) and not think twice, but have Ultegra fitted presently and had no issues.

Have heard that the Ultegra isn't as good, but at a third of the price...

Has anyone used both Ultegra and KMC and what are your thoughts?

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Buy the cheaper one and replace regularly. Basic kmc or similar chains are fine. The Ultegra one seems a bargain. Buy 3!


I prefer KMC (for the quick link and gold colour!) but in this case i'd save the money and go for Ultegra. Or 'downgrade' on the KMC model to X11 L model

IIRC KMC make the chains for Shimano
I was a KMC convert but have recently reverted to Shimano chains - Ultegra on the road bike and XT on the MTB. Both are directional and seem to offer much smoother changes than the more expensive KMC ones I had previously. I've fitted them with KMC quick links, cos it's just better :smile:


Cheers for the replies guys. Always planned to add a quick link when replacing anyway.

It's academic now, as the product has been removed from the pbk site. They now have the 10 speed version listed for the same price. I suspect that it may have been an error, in hindsight.

Have found the 11 speed one elsewhere for £19.99 inc postage though, if that helps @youngoldbloke


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Check it before you need it. I bought a bargain KMC Chain from PX, didn't use it for several months but when I did found it was missing pins and I was left holding two sections of chain :ohmy:
Cheers for the heads up. It's in a sealed box, so should be ok :blush: but I also ordered a KMC 10 speed which I will be fitting very soon & that is just in a bag, so best check that one ASAP :okay:
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