Unable to update Garmin Auto Sat Nav


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Having an argument with Garmin, bought a Sat Nav that had free map updates for life, it's now stopped updating as Garmin Express claims it can't see the unit. I have a Mac which Garmin support, can't see the unit, I have Windows which Garmin support, can't see the unit. But I also have Linux which Garmin don't support, on Linux I can see the unit, I can write files to it & I can read files from it.

Garmin are saying the unit is faulty & as it's out of warranty there's nothing to be done, but I don't think it is, I think they have deliberately stopped supporting it to sell more units, let's face it once I bought it with free map updates for life I don't want to have to buy another until the next generation comes along.

They have made a generous offer as I am a loyal customer to sell me a replacement at 30% off the RRP on their website, whoopee 30% off RRP, Argos sell them at RRP -30% already so it's not really an offer is it.

Just wondering if I am the only person that this is happening to or is it really deliberate


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Just a quick search came up with this -
I've got a garmin nuvi from 2008 that still gets lifetime map updates.
maybe your's has a fault or try a new usb cable


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Amazed that people still have dedicated Sat Nav units!
My car has in-built sat nav - I was able to get a few updates via ebay (DVD based) and my missus car is SD card based. My car is 17 years old, but got an update about 3 yars ago.

My son's uses Android Auto, so it's bang upto date as it's based on the smart phone google maps and is damn good, and stops you using the phone other than via the car. It's a cheaper option for manufacturers now, but it all depends upon what your car came with (or didn't).


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I have a car based Tom Tom
Bought in 2007 - I've kept it up to date, despite the 'lifetime support and updates' Tom Tom stopped supporting it about 2 years ago.
It also has had a couple of recent 'random' crashes where it stops finding its GPS location for about 24-48 hrs.

Time to buy another unit, but obviously it wont be TomTom despite me being very happy with the until for the first 10 years

I also have one of the first generation (1999) Magellan hand held walking units
It still works, great for giving you a location, but not much use for doing anything else

Does one simply rely on the iPhone nowadays ?


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Did your model have "lifetime support" and is it still a model that they support?

Their idea of "lifetime support" doesn't match the wording used. They decide if it's past it's lifetime.
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