Unicorn Tax


Hard of hearing..I said Herd of Herring..oh FFS..
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Small boy had the facts of "Road Tax" explained to him by his mum tonight after I had a rant about "Road tax exemption" in this article on the BBC website. His response was stunning and quick.

"Why don't they write about unicorn tax instead then? It'd be much funner and interesting"
A unicorn?? That's a pretty sophisticated small boy.
I have to ask; How come you are so knowledgeable about this?
I read a lot :smile:

Reminds me of a story. My mum was a solicitor (lawyer) and the suburban firm she worked expanded into the house next door, which had most recently been operating as a brothel. It was a pretty normal terrace house, except there were three showers in the bathroom, and the walls were covered with horrible flock and foil wallpaper.

A few years later, as an innocent 18 year old former convent girl, I went to an undergraduate party in a student share house. I stepped inside, looked around, and said - without thinking - "This looks like a brothel". I still remember the shocked laughter of my friend, as it was until very recently a brothel, but how "do you know what the inside of a brothel looks like?"


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..... and small girls?
My little pony:

That's a Beanie!
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