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We have probably discussed this before but I was browsing the Christian names thread and it got me thinking of unusual surnames, when I had to work to get by, a regular phone contact was called,

Barry Bytheway.

The first time I asked his full name he obliviously replied "Barry Bytheway" to which I said yes but whats your surname ?

I wonder how many times this had happened to him.

Other contacts unusual surnames were Bellavaqua and Featherstonehaugh (I still don't know how to pronounce this one)


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I knew a Miss Piggy and worked with a Monika W@nk and a Jordi B@stard.


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A boss of mine was Mr Dicker.

Not unusual but at our golf club I was paired with a new member and he introduced himself as Fred Hull.
As we got to the 1st tee I (innocently) said "ok Rod, do you want to go first".
I quickly realised what I had done and was told "dont worry, it happens a lot".


When I worked in a bank many moons ago, we had customers Mr & Mrs Clack. He was okay, but she was rather sour. One day she phoned in “Mrs Clack here, I want to speak to the manager” without thinking, I replied “clickity clack”. It was not well received.


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My surname is relatively rare. Whenever I give it over the phone, it's automatically written down at the other end as a similar, and much more common name.
Given my first and second names have alternative spellings, whenever I give my full details verbally, I inevitably end up spelling my full name. At which point the person on the other end has has lost all confidence and I therefore end up spelling the house number. So it goes.... '61, that's 6, 1.'
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