Up, Down Or Level ?

Now I have always been a slight nose up kind of chap as I find it keeps me back in the saddle better and don't have to keep adjusting backwards.

However was watching a race on Eurosport the other day and the co-commentator, an ex pro Magnus Backstedt suggested that you would get more power through the pedals if the nose was tilted down slightly.

So I tried it, was according to Strava half a mile an hour faster over a set route (I realise there could be many reasons for that not least the placebo affect of trying a bit harder to justify moving the seat)

However it was dammed uncomfortable, kept slipping forward and having to readjust so it's gone back to how it was for comfort!


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I find a 5-deg. tilt down the most comfortable. At the risk of sounding like a nerd, there is a phone app called Saddle Adjust where you can measure the angle and experiment until you find what’s best for you.


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Yes the same for me with Charge Knife, the skinny brother of Spoon. With both the shape of the saddle cups the sit bones very nicely.
A couple of degrees down at the front as I am planning on having more children.
Seat now back in the comfortable for me slight nose up. The more observant amongst you will notice it is a Spesh Riva Ladies Saddle, by far and away the most comfortable for me.



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I have over many years found that level works for me. But, as many threads on the subject of saddles and positions have found, what ever works for you is best. It may take quite a bit of trial and error to find the comfy position, but we are all different.:okay:
Level on the hybrid, a fraction nose down on the road bike. Same saddle on both though - Charge Ladle.

However, I ride primarily unpadded on the hybrid, but almost always padded on road bike. Shows how many variables affect comfort. It's not just bike geometry and body shape. Either way, numb and mashed lady bits are being successfully avoided with the current set-up.
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