Upgrade my sinlgle speed conversion or get a new one


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I have a very old bike made (to measure) in the early 80s by TJ Quick in Forest Hill south London. I had it converted to a single gear bike some years ago. Would it be a worthwhile investment to have it supped up, with new wheels etc, or mothball it and get a new sexy single speed bike. I have a budget of about £250.


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Hello Simon and Welcome to the CC forums. :smile:

The fashion at the moment seems to be turning old sturdy/reliable steel frames into single speeds.
Not sure you'd actually get much for £250 - as far as single speeds go. I'm sure if you post this as a question on the "Cafe" you'd get more of a response(from more knowledgeable CCer's), good luck!! xx(

Have a look at the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperatives(EBC) website - they do have a couple of cheaper singlespeeds. If you search "Revolution Track 10" on here - one of our members(Greg Collins) has reviewed one of EBC's SS's favourably.

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You'd not get a SS worth riding for £250 IMHO.
If you're not happy with your wheels, I'd replace those, get some good tyres on there and job's a good 'un.
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