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Hi folks, ive been looking all over for a new bike and i think im pretty much settled on the Van Nicholas Euros, only snags are it wont take mudgaurds (so race blades it is) or a rack, i can live with racing blades to gain the performance.

so the issue is the rack, ive seen some around on wiggle and such that are designed for race bikes with no eyelets, look like "bodge it jobs" but if it works, it works )
has anyone tried these? i can minimalise to keep the weight low, hell, i backpacked for 8 months with a 7kg bag and i could have cut down further.

any suggestions would be very welcome, i really want this bike and dont want to get a tourer for the very rare times ill use the rack.


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Doesn't the Yukon come with rack eyelets & mudguard clearance?
OK it's not as out and out fast as the Euros but it certainly isn't a "tourer" and I doubt the average cyclist would notice the difference in speed - and might well prefer the comfort of the Yukon on an all-day sportive.

As you are clearly a weight-weenie you could compensate by using one of the Tubus titanium racks?

If you get a bike that has mudguard eyelets on the drop outs then you can mount the top end with P clips on the seat stays. Anything with no mounting points on the drop outs and it is going to be a truly horrible bodge.


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Hi i've got a euros & agree with the others above; you might be better of with a Yukon or other Ti audax-type bike, spa cycles have some good offers on Dawes Ti models at the moment.

Regards race baldes, front one fits easy, rear is the usual faff & not something as a permanent solution.

other solution buy two bikes ;)


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I have a VN Yukon. It's a bit slower than the Focus Cayo I've just got but is still fast and nimble - and most of the difference is down to the mudguards and high handlebar position. When I've put a rack on it, there is a noticeable change in the handling: the Euros, with its shorter wheelbase is unlikely to react well to being loaded even if you can bodge a rack onto it.

It sounds like the Yukon would be the better solution (or two bikes!).
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