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M&S has Xmas stuff on sale! Tinsel, wrapping paper, cards, the lot! Xmas is a quarter of a year away! I don't belieeeeeve it!;)

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I thought this thread was going to be about simoncc ;)


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I went to a garden centre at the beginning of august and saw xmas crackers on sale.
if it wasn't bad enough to see xmas stuff on sale that early why was on sale in a garden centre ?


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Colne, Lancs
stevenb said:
it's a bloody joke...might as well be xmas 12 months of the year...;)

That really reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Marge and Homer end up going to the bar that constantly reenacts New Years Eve:
Marge: It must be really fun for it to be New Year all year round.
Waiter: Please kill me now.

My mum, and I'm not kidding here, quite often buys christmas decorations a week after Christmas as they're all sold off cheap.


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Well, I wish it could be Christmas ev'ry day!


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There was a TV programme called Taxi for Cowan in Scotland a couple of years ago where Tam Cowan (Radio + BBC Scotland football pundit and non-driver) got a local cabbie to show him the sights in a series of Scottish towns.

In the Christmas Shoppe in Edinburgh, he was delighted to learn that the sales assistant was called Chris.

"Tell me", Cowan quipped, "What dae ye think yer name would be if your worked in a Country Vegetable shop?"
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