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Red light jumpers annoy me. Those that do it that put pedestrians in danger more so. Most of the time I don't bother to say anything. Today I had an old man stop in the middle of the road putting himself at risk to let me by. I was just pulling up at a red light, which I explained to him. He said "ah, I thought all you cyclists jumped lights." Cue 3 cyclists barrelling past through the red at speed. *sigh*

Later in the commute a girl in hivis blurs past my elbow over yet another red, the lights change and I gave chase and overtook. Further on I come to a standing halt and nod at a person waiting at the side of a zebra crossing. They and then another starts to cross. I'm still patiently track standing with one ped across and the other past halfway when the yellow peril blasts up the inside narrowly missing the second pedestrian. I gave chase once more and this time admonished her but you bet she didn't here as the returned gaze was blank. Most likely listening to music too loudly. *sigh*

The worlds crazies and red light jumpers nearly had their revenge for my admonishments. Coming at a good steady pace through Farringdon entering Blackfriars a throng stepped out on me but unfortunately hiding behind them was a red light jumper. Total slow motion as I manoeuvred to avoid him. I missed him by about an inch. Watching that part back I'm utterly amazed at how fast the whole thing actually happened.

Video of the incident.....



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A stealth cyclist! I thought it was a 'her'... I'll have to have another look! There seems to a few suicidal peds there as well.

These incidents do point out that you have to keep your wits about you.
:laugh: That was close.

Of course if you asked him, he was safe because he did it carefully!

Muppet. :ohmy:

I do like the frame in the video where he looks up. The slightly shocked look is classic! :biggrin:


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Wow that was a close one Halo:ohmy: great look of surprise on his face on the slow-mo:smile: You'd like to think he's learnt his lesson,but sadly I doubt it.
Hopefully all those who do RLJ will watch this vid and have a think about what they're doing.


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LOL the fecking idiot is wearing a hi-viz gilet and trainers :laugh:! I would have turned around, gone after him and given him some major abuse for such dangerous cycling. Unbelievable. A name and shame website for RLJers would be a good idea. I'm all for the police standing on junctions catching these menaces to boost their coffers. £100 a time seems appropriate. I had one almost take me out when I was on a controlled ped crossing in Cambridge. I would happily ram a rolled up umbrella through their spokes :ohmy:.
ianrauk said:
vewy nawty....

was it also a "wiiiiddle pesky";)


The cyclist saw the pedestrians move and decided to follow even though his view was blocked - twat.

A split second earlier and he would have taken you out. Brutal advice: try and get your elbows and knees up to protect your head and internal organs if you're going to hit another cyclist in a similar situation.


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I'm with Crankarm, I'd have chased him down and clotheslined (I believe this is the American wrestling term I need :biggrin:) him at speed.

At some of the lights on my commute in, I'm sure that at £100 a time, the crossing would pay for its own full time policeman and still make a handsome profit.

We should be allowed to ride over RLJs.:ohmy:
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