Vietnam/Cambodia Tours?


Someone at work went with Saddle Skidaddle around there and had a great time.


I've been to both but not cycling.It was 25 years or so ago though ! Both beautiful countries and easy to travel.Enjoy I'm jealous allready.


Flouncing Nobber
My Uncle Hank had a tour of Vietnam in the early seventies. True. I understand modern transport methods are a little more comfortable than his old B52.

Seriously though, would love to visit modern Vietnam, and cycling would be the piece de resistance. Watching with interest.
I have toured fequently through that area, you will enjoy it, however the driving standards can be quite frightening. and you need to be alert to the crazy action that both Motocycles and car/lorries do. plus livestock wandering around the roads. unless you are planning on something like a month plus tour. As a first time visitor to the area I would say use one of the cycle tour companies. as they will take the paperwork hassles over for you I find Cambodia to be more primitive than Vietnam, in both countries the roads are improving, unlike me when I have been hauling myself through both countries you should for a 10 day tour look to stay within a small area of the chosen country. As to which of those countries to visit I would say do some research, read reports on Crazyguyonabike, see what routes the tour companies are offering.
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