Views on this? Repair broken frame or try to sell "as is"?


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I have a Kona Jake 7005 frame in the garden. Its been unplugged from all the components and replaced with a Kinesis CX frame after the chain stay snapped (previously mentioned here ages back)

Well to be precise its in the parent's garden and taking up space. Seems a waste to simply throw it away (and I know the guys at the tip will try and sell it on). Has anyone ever had a frame like this repaired? What was the cost/implications? (eg I presume it had to be heat treated/resprayed)

I've also seen a few snapped frames sold on ebay. I didn't think there was a market for it but apparently there is. :ohmy:

Any of you been in the same situation?
Why not use the frame to build a recumbent?


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I doubt it will be cost effective to have it repaired properly.

Personally I would flatten it with a hammer and put it out with the recycling.


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Christ. Thats really gone down. Used to be about double that a few years back...
Yep, Son & I used to take cars to the yard to get them weighed in, but it's hardly worth the hassle now

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+1 for asking a small garage im sure they would do it for little money they probably wont do as good a job as a bike welder precision wise but it will be good enough for yourself to build up as a spare winterbike
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