Violated by its Noodley Appendage

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Mr Phoebus

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Now I thought the Cerne Abbas Giant was a bit of an handfull, but this!!!



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Jaffa Cake monster
Manchester, UK
..and the monster from the deep seems to extract chest tissue in the form of 2 giant bullet-holes... or is it just women that this creature targets (it being phallus-shaped and all)??

very strange...


Married to Night Train
Salford, UK
Stop it.. I can't breathe...;):biggrin::biggrin:

Trying so hard not to laugh out loud, a colleague just came up to check I wasn't crying...
Hugh Jampton said:
Aren't followers referred to as 'Pastafarians'.

Kirstie said:
Is that sign from Japanese porn-horror movie land?

Kirstie, have you been watching those Manga Tentacle movies?

Once. Completely by accident. Would be funny to think of a movie title suitable for this about 'the amphibious c*ck menace', then you could have 'return of the amphibious c*ck menace' etc etc
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