Vittoria Open Pave CG as winter/audax tyres – very initial impressions ….

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hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
After much reviewing I settled-on a pair of Vittoria Open Pave CG tyres for the Rourke build. I was looking for that elusive combination of light, fast, comfortable, grippy and durable (pick any two).


These are essentially the clincher version of the tubular carcase used my many of the pro-teams for Paris Roubaix and from all the available reviews sounded like they would give me the ‘performance’ I was hoping for. Available in 24c and 27c I went for the 27 onto a 23mm Archetype rims on which they sit very nicely. Pressure-wise they are recommended from 100 to 130 psi which is high for such a width tyre and I’m running 100 front and 110 rear.


After some 250 miles of Oxfordshire finest scoggy crap-covered and pothole strewn rural roads, I’m very impressed!

Certainly light, they indeed roll very well and feel very supple absorbing the rougher road surfaces well. Thus far have felt very reassuring grip-wise in quite slippy and occasionally frosty conditions. Too early to say anything about durability, but no cuts so far despite the winter cruddiness.


Hoping to get some bigger miles in soon on them, but I’m already thinking about a pair in 24c for the Holdsworth for Summer usage in place of my regular PR4s :ohmy:


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Keep the updates coming as the 24's may be my next tyres.
I used to use these for racing in the wet ( I only ever did a handful of races) and loved them, they felt gloriously plush to ride on unlike any tyre I had used before and very grippy . Even nicer than some conti competion tubs. I was so impressed I tried using a brand new pair as a commuting tyre but unfortunately the roads of east London ripped them up and spat them out, they punctured every week, both front and rear were cut right through, tyre wall to tyre wall within 3 weeks and had to be thrown. Even round the roads of Essex I find flints cut them up quite badly. However I still have a set on some Reynolds attacks for wet weekend use as they feel superb.
Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
First p*ncture .... Hawthorn needle .............. from the bush by my Garage door :cry: Teach me not to sweep-up properly or ride right by it when I get home.
Otherwise, still holding-up well, some small glass shards were also embedded but not gone through. I doubt many other tyres would have resisted a direct Hawthorn attack.
Still happy, especially with the grip in the wet.
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