VW camper vans


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Saw one today and thought id call the number on the for sale sign . 5 and a half he said ... thousand :laugh:
I thought it was steep at £550 .

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They do hold value. Gawd knows why (I don't).

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I've got a '72 Bay window VW in my garage.
I must get around to finishing it, I've had it 10 years!!


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There are three of them within 500 metres of where I live. Two red and beige in good condition and a blue one that seem to need a lot of TLC.

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I had one, a 1972 model. Suspension gone on OSR, no heating until I replaced the missing tinwork (by hand using panels fashioned from an old washing machine) and rotting underneath. No use to me as a daily runner because I was only getting about 20mpg but I miss that reassuring chug-chug-chug.


Travelled up the West coast of Australia in a VW camper,5 of us ! Feck there cramped....might be ok at 20 permanently pissed and stoned,but not now,trendy as they are there more suited to weddings and kids proms.
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